Auction for Aid

Whilst Orkney is bathed in sunshine, swallows blissfully darting around the skies and rabbits are hopping around the fields, it's hard to understand the pain and suffering that is happening to the natives of another country a few thousand miles away.

I sometimes try to imagine having to leave my home with only a few belongings, on foot fleeing hundreds of miles to another country hopefully with my loved ones, but it really is unimaginable.

So what can we do?   Well I've become one of more than 60 jewellers from throughout the UK to donate work to a Facebook auction in aid of refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

Auction for Aid-British jewellery community getting together to raise funds for refugee & migrant crisis

The Auction for Aid gets underway today (Monday, 19 September) and runs until Sunday (25 September). It follows a smaller auction held last year, which raised over £10,000 for the refugee cause.

Thumbelina birthstone ring up for auction

There are some really STUNNING pieces that you could treat yourself to without a guilty conscious knowing that all money raised will be going to  an incredibly worthy cause.  included in the sale is my Thumbelina birthstone ring, my mineral cuff links and a Whimberry Orion pendant (lots 101-103).