Alison’s Seaweed collection celebrates her two greatest passions – geology and the ocean - with the unique, natural patterns hidden within dendritic agates skilfully revealed to represent the rich variety of seaweed found in Orkney waters.

Dendritic agates are formed when water containing iron and manganese seeps into microscopic cracks running through chalcedony (a type of quartz). These minerals then crystalise, producing organic patterns in the chalcedony that are reminiscent of seaweeds.

No two dendritic agates are the same, but it takes an experienced lapidarist to fully unlock the individual patterns concealed within each stone.

Alison has long been captivated by the stunning seaweed landscapes she encounters when diving around Orkney. She was also inspired by the Edwardian seaweed collection in Stromness Museum and taught herself how to press specimens sustainably gathered on her diving expeditions.

Naturally, Alison went on to explore ways of creating wearable versions of these pressings, with carefully selected dendritic agates offering her the perfect opportunity to unite her beloved worlds of sea and stone in jewellery.