August Birthstone Jewellery - Peridot

If you’re lucky enough to have visited us in Orkney, you’ll fully appreciate why we consider ourselves experts when it comes to the colour green.

That said, even we can’t decide exactly how to describe August’s birthstone, peridot. It’s green for sure, but is it leaf green, lime green, olive green, moss green, grass green, or just green?
Whatever your peridot perspective is, there’s no doubting this beautiful gem radiates serenity. The ancient Egyptians reckoned the stones harnessed Nature’s power and there’s no doubt the stones have a botanical vibe about them.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, peridots have often been confused with emeralds throughout history, though if you look at the gems side by side, you’ll probably spot the difference. They’re both green, but different shades of green – trust us, we’re green experts - and peridots are that little bit more affordable too.