Alison's Underwater Photography Makes a Splash

There's nothing quite like immersing oneself in the ocean to feel refreshed, recharged and filled with a renewed sense of purpose. It's fitting then that Alison's connection to the sea not only inspires her jewellery but has ignited a whole new creative passion: underwater photography.

What started as a daily sea dip in the shores around Orkney with friends has evolved into a love of scuba diving and snorkelling. Armed with her underwater camera, Alison captures atmospheric and hypnotic pictures of life beneath the surface.


“The colours and textures I encounter are incredible,” says Alison. I think many people are surprised when they see the underwater images as they don’t realise they’re taken in Orkney watersNature always has a way of finding the perfect colour combinations. I never expected to find what I do there.

“And the colour of the sea changes too. In shallow areas where there is a lot of sand, the sea appears to be turquoise, but in the open sea the water is the most gorgeous shade of emerald green." 

With a growing fan base on social media, Alison is also fast gaining professional recognition for her work. Two of her images recently won accolades at the Scottish Nature Photography Awards.

Magical Cave (above), depicting a stunning underwater realm off the Orkney coast won the Scottish Landscape - Sea and Coast category. While The Lion’s Mane’s Lair (below), an image of a lion's mane jellyfish, secured third in the Scottish Wildlife Behaviour category. She was also shortlisted for two other photographs in the Environmental category.

We're excited to announce that you can now buy Alison's underwater photographs as prints or on greetings cards direct from our website.

You can also follow Alison's underwater adventures on Instagram and Facebook.