December Birthstone Jewellery - Tanzanite or Blue Topaz

December truly is blues festival month in the birthstone calendar, with a line-up headlined by tanzanite and topaz, and supported by turquoise.

Tanzanite, a variety of zoisite, is a unique shade of dazzling blue-purple and, as the name suggests, it’s only found in Tanzania. Although something of newcomer to the gemstone world – it was only discovered in the late 60s - the gem has rapidly gained star billing, thanks to that fabulous colouring.
Our blue topaz offers a less intense blues experience, but it’s every bit as talented in its delivery as a December birthstone.
And if you seek tones that are a little more rock and roll, then turquoise never disappoints. It’s a gem that’s been revered for countless centuries and thought to possess protective and calming properties.
So, no need to get moody about your blues then with all those options.