October Birthstone Jewellery - Tourmaline or Opal

A captivating, colourful and contrasting opal and tourmaline double act takes centre stage for October’s birthstone showcase.

Kaleidoscopes of the gemstone world, opals are highly prized for the remarkable spectrum of colours they display. That quality is all down to the microscopic silica spheres within their structure, which defract light and create a rainbow effect.
The gems feature in many of the dreamtime stories of Australia’s indigenous people, with that nation still the source for the majority of the world’s opal supply.
Believe it or not, opals actually contain a small percentage of water, and they’re not the hardest of gemstones either, so they require a little bit of special care to ensure they last a lifetime. We’ll advise you how best to look after them, of course.
Tourmaline, your October birthstone alternative, is found in a variety of lovely colours, though we really like the green and pink varieties. They’re kind of fruity, fresh and fun, just like you.