May Birthstone Jewellery - Emerald

Appropriately for spring, gorgeous green emeralds signify rebirth and new beginnings. Up here in Orkney, we think they look like our beautiful green fields.

For history lovers, the name emerald comes from the Greek word ‘smaragdus,’ helpfully meaning ‘green’.
Just like aquamarine, emerald is a form of beryl and ranges in colour from light to dark green. The latter are the most prized stones, with the very rarest emeralds a deep and intense blue-green shade. 
Cleopatra loved emeralds, as did actress Elizabeth Taylor who played the Egyptian queen in a film.
We don’t do a version of Ms Taylor’s famous multi-million-dollar emerald necklace, but our May birthstone collection is going to make you feel a little bit Hollywood (or Egyptian queen-like) regardless.