Birthstone rings

Birthstone Jewellery

With their incredible natural beauty and durability, it’s understandable that gemstones have long been seen as possessing magical, mystical or healing qualities.

In ancient times, particular gems were associated with the calendar and Zodiac, with the belief that they would bring good fortune and health to the wearer, if worn during that stone’s assigned month. Naturally, this meant it was necessary to own all of the stones assigned this special status, alternating them monthly.

The tradition of wearing just one particular gem connected to your month of birth is a relatively recent phenomenon in comparison, with an official list of birthstones released in the early 20th century in a bid to standardise the practice. The list has been updated and adapted through the years to reflect changes in gemstone buying patterns, and has continued to evolve since, mixing traditional birthstones with so-called modern gems, such as the recently discovered Tanzanite.

Whether or not you believe in the special powers of gemstones, there is an enduring appeal to the birthstone tradition, with its extra element of personal significance for the wearer. Birthstone jewellery is entirely about what you want it to represent and, with many modern alternatives to traditional lists of stones now available, it’s easier than ever to find a piece to treasure. Equally, birthstone jewellery makes an ideal and thoughtful gift to represent the birth month of the wearer, or their child.

At Alison Moore Designs, we use this standard list of birthstones, with popular alternatives.