Women's rugby

I've always admired women that strive out in a male dominated world. Many years ago, I worked in the construction sector so I know how  tough it can be to be seen as an equal.  I'm sure that some attitudes have started to shift since then, but there is a long way to go.

Last year I came across a group of women determined to set up their own rugby union team. Their enthusiasm was intoxicating and I pledged to help them wherever I could.

ORFC Women members sporting their new strip

I am so pleased to say that they will be having their very first competitive match today against local rivals Shetland, in a newly formed women's league.  They will be sporting their beautifully designed shirts which I was lucky enough to sponsor.

If you are in the north of Scotland or indeed anywhere, I hope that you can make it to a game of women's rugby and give them the support that they deserve.

Come on girls!