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Explore the vast, dark ocean of Orkney’s night-time sky and let the twinkling faceted gemstones of the Andromeda collection guide you on your journey.

Alison has carefully selected gems to represent each month of the year, meaning your Andromeda jewellery can be used as a birthstone piece, or to mark anniversaries and other special dates.

Each stone is encased within a solid gold setting and the rings interlock together, allowing you to create your own stellar phenomenon. You can also stack them with our Nebula rings. Andromeda pieces work equally well on their own, or as an addition to your personal galaxy.

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Andromeda Rings

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April - Diamond or White Sapphire

What diamonds lack in colour, they make up for in luxurious, sparkly clarity.

 Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, particularly those of you who have an April birthday.

Our planet put a lot of effort into creating diamonds and it certainly shows. Their beauty and durability has, of course, made them hugely desirable for countless centuries, but they were also thought to possess great healing powers. Now, they look properly fab in our birthstone range.
We also offer white sapphire options for our April collection. These are just as sparkly and special, but a little more affordable.
Needless to say, our diamonds are all ethically sourced – just like all of our gemstones, in fact.

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August - Perdiot

If you’re lucky enough to have visited us in Orkney, you’ll fully appreciate why we consider ourselves experts when it comes to the colour green.

That said, even we can’t decide exactly how to describe August’s birthstone, peridot. It’s green for sure, but is it leaf green, lime green, olive green, moss green, grass green, or just green?
Whatever your peridot perspective is, there’s no doubting this beautiful gem radiates serenity. The ancient Egyptians reckoned the stones harnessed Nature’s power and there’s no doubt the stones have a botanical vibe about them.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, peridots have often been confused with emeralds throughout history, though if you look at the gems side by side, you’ll probably spot the difference. They’re both green, but different shades of green – trust us, we’re green experts - and peridots are that little bit more affordable too. 

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Bangle jangle – that’s the sound your wrist will make when you’re stacking a few of our lovely silver bangles on it. You can wear them one at a time too and, although your wrist will then be silent, it will still be pretty.

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