New (old!) collection: Rockpool

After a long winter the sun has finally poked her head through the clouds and is bringing some warmth back to our island!  We have some absolutely gorgeous beaches here in Orkney, you’re never far from the shore and so beach combing is a great way to spend a sunny Sunday.

Skaill Bay, Orkney

Looking down at the sand can become quite obsessive. You never really know what you are going to find.  But I nearly always come away with some beautiful shells.

Shell finds from Marwick beach

And once you start looking in detail at the beautiful white sand, you soon discovered that it is made up of minute fragments of shell, coral and teeny tiny shells.

Beach finds

Inspired by this beauty and variety found amongst the sand, a couple of years back I created a new range of jewellery.

Cockle Shell Jewellery

This collection has slowly worked its way from our shop and now finally on to the website.  So it shall be a familiar sight to those who have visited our studio!  We have a range of shells in the collection including broken limpet shells, cowries and cockles and are bound to make any grey day feel like summer.

Mini whelk stud earrings

I know that each person has their favourite shell so have a look through the new pieces and see if you can see yours!

Broken limpet pendant