How it all began

I was reminiscing today about my early jewellery making days and how my business has grown.  Like many people, I used to work a 9 till 5 job. Back then, my job wasn't creatively fulfilling, so I enrolled on various night school classes, including life drawing and silversmithing. 

The very first piece I made, really wasn't a thing of beauty, but I found that I loved the process of manipulating a flat piece of metal and making it into an object.

The silversmithing class soon had me hooked and it wasn't long before I had my own workbench at home and I spent all my spare time researching and experimenting with the metal and creating pieces of jewellery.

When I moved to Orkney in 2010, I soon found a demand for my pieces.  Many of the early ones were made with copper and silver.

 Alison Moore Longship brooch


My workbench moved around the house that we were renovating as I worked hard creating the business. I was chief cook and bottle washer, making all of the jewellery, packing and posting the orders, building my own websites etc!

By 2014 it was clear that I needed to make the move out of my home and I found a little workshop in a nearby village.


The first Alison Moore workshop


And I soon found someone to help me create all of the orders that were coming in.  I really had no intention of becoming an employer when I started out!


Alison Moore in her first workshop in 2014


People started to find my workshop and I was astounded when they first started coming through the door! I hadn't advertised that we were open as a shop, but word of mouth certainly got round!  


Alison Moore first jewellery cabinets
Soon, workbenches had to make way for jewellery cabinets and the number of staff grew.


The workbenches moved into the back of the workshop and customers were welcomed into my little studio.