April Birthstone Jewellery: Diamonds & White Sapphire

Diamonds are forever and Sapphires are sensational, especially if you're an April baby.

We've recently introduced lots of new pieces into our April Birthstone Collection, such as our Diamond Forever Ring, Sea Button Earrings and Urchin Pendant

April: Diamonds, Sapphire, Silver and Gold 

In our April Birthstone Collection, we've curated a range pieces using a mix of gemstones and metal options to offer those special presents at a range of different price points. 



Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April, and symbolise purity, strength and ever lasting love. Legend also believes that they posses healing powers. Our planet put a lot of effort in to create diamonds, and compared to other birthstones, they are relatively rare, which adds to their allure and value. Not only are they stunningly sparkly, they are the hardest natural substance known, meaning they are extremely durable.; beautiful and strong - we love them. 

Needless to say, our diamonds are all ethically sourced – just like all of our gemstones, in fact. 

Discover our favourite dazzling diamonds in our April Birthstone Collection. 

White Sapphire 

Equally as beautiful, we've also featured white sapphires in our April Birthstone collection. Often used an alternative to diamonds, they are also beautiful and durable gemstones, but a little bit more affordable. White sapphires are associated with purity, wisdom, and integrity and they are believed to bring clarity of thought and enhance spiritual enlightenment.

Some of our favourite white sapphire pieces are our White Sapphire Tess Ring and our Entwined Gold White Sapphire Ring. You can discover our full collection in our April Birthstone Collection.