Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Here in Orkney, we are lucky to have incredible coastlines, fascinating shipwrecks and rich sea beds to explore. I’m endlessly amazed by life beneath the surface. My growing passion for snorkelling and diving means that I've built a wonderfully close relationship with the sea. 

However, I’ve become increasingly aware of man-made threats to these delicate underwater worlds in the form plastic waste. Last year, I recovered a huge amount of plastic on one swim, which was a potential seal or whale entanglement waiting to happen. I also regularly gather up other pieces of plastic too, as it is hard to ignore.

Alison gathers plastic waste from the ocean

Thinking about who generates this waste and how it finds its way into our seas challenged me to consider if there’s more I can do in my business to reduce single use plastics and plastic waste.

You will have seen the changes that I have already made changes to our ring sizing service, which allows us to reuse the plastic ring sizers. Now it’s time for more changes.

We’ve long used recyclable cardboard jewellery boxes but in reviewing where we can improve, we have now introduced 100% cotton pouches to replace, where we can, the plastic foam inserts we’ve previously used. These pouches are also a great way to store your jewellery.

Cotton jewellery pouch

So, if you’ve already seen this difference to our packaging or when you do in the future, you’ll know why things have changed!