Ruby, birthstone of July

July hosts the birthstone to the beautiful and rich red ruby, named from the Latin word rubens meaning red.

Ruby 18ct gold Storybook ring

Rubies are incredibly hard, only slightly softer than diamonds, and are one of the highest valued for coloured gemstones. In fact it’s been known for large rubies to fetch a higher price than a diamond. They are nearly all flawed so to find one with no imperfections means a price higher than a diamond of similar weight or quality.

Rubies are linked to vibrancy and life because of their colour and  ancient folklore of some countries believe rubies enable you to live at peace with your enemies.

Of all the coloured gemstones it most represents passion and love; making it an ideal choice for your engagement ring or wedding ring. Choose one set in our story book design and make your own story a very happy ending. Perhaps you could have something special engraved on the inside?

40 years after your wedding day you could celebrate again with a ruby anniversary jewellery piece.  But don’t wait that long, there are too many birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and beautiful rubies to let slip by.

Ruby silver and 9ct gold Storybook ring