My Life Beyond The Bench

Alison Moore and her dogs

Hello! It’s so lovely to see that you have clicked through to find out a little bit more about my life beyond the bench. 

I must admit, I've spent far too much time over the past few weeks watching & reading about other fabulous small business owners stories that I thought you might like to know about mine - so here we go. 

Alison Moore exploring Orkney

This part of my life began back in 2008 on my first visit to Orkney. I immediately fell in love with the islands; captivated by its proximity to the sea and the powerful forces of nature. 

A geologist by education, I've always been fascinated by minerals, rock formations and the make-up of the Orkney islands, not to mention the world renowned historic sites it’s so well known for. Moving to the islands, but not wanting to abandon my academic background, I transitioned from studying rocks to exploring the world of gemstones.

Copper and Silver Jewellery

This leads me onto Alison Moore Designs, my business that was born from my kitchen table back in 2011. During my early days, I found joy in working with copper, a passion that solidified my love of mixing metals. The first collection I created was my Organic Collection; inspired by my fascination with the shapes and textures found in nature, coupled with my background in earth sciences. Similar to nature itself, this collection evolves and develops its own distinct character over time.

As my little business grew, and three years on from starting it at home, I moved into my first studio space and shop. With the support of my team and customers, the rest they say is history.

Underwater photography Orkney

Beyond the workbench, I'm at my happiest when wave watching, walking along the beach, studying rockpool life or plunging into the sea. Snorkeling has become a huge passion of mine and capturing images of the islands stunning underwater scenery.

Alison and her puppies

My most precious possessions have to be my two pet pups; Logan (the big dopey black and white one) and Rowan (the endlessly energic peedie brown one). They’re happiest in the workshop, where the cuddles are countless. 

Alison Moore Emerald Rings

And a random fact to finish, my birthstone is October’s Tourmaline which is found in an array of colours, but I've always kinda wished that I was born in May so I could have emerald as my birthstone! 

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and here’s to a happy & healthy 2024.

Alison xxx