Rainbow moonstone cabochons

June is bustin’ out all over as the song goes.  The month that hosts the longest day and brings with it an abundance of sunshine (we hope!) and flowers has the moonstone as one of its birthstones.

Two Nebula Snowdrift Moonstone rings

The moonstone is the white variety of labradorite, both being from the feldspar family.  It is hugely popular due to its unique shimmer and sheen not unlike an opal or pearl and it has been the gemstone of choice for centuries largely because it is steeped in legend and beliefs about its healing powers.

Nebula moonstone Snowdrift

Around the world the moonstone has been believed to be formed from moon drops or moonbeams and considered sacred.

Mist moonstone stacking ring set

For obvious reasons going by its name, the moonstone is said to have properties connected to the moon for example a symbol of femininity as well as aiding fertility, love and passion. Many people believe the moonstone can reduce anxiety and stress, help digestive problems, headaches, nose bleeds and even prevent sunstroke (but I’m not recommending you throw away your knotted hanky or any medication without talking to your doctor!).

Mist Orion Pendant

Whether you believe this beautiful gemstone can improve your health and well-being or you just like the incredible colour and individuality; moonstone jewellery will not disappoint, whether it’s June, July, August or any month of the year.