Introducing Our New Northern Lights Collection

Alison Moore Northern Lights Collection

It's been a very busy year, filled with many ups and downs. But in the background, we have been beavering away, designing and producing new work. I'm delighted to reveal that our new collection is ready for you to see. 

The Aurora Borealis, or Merry Dancers as we call them here in Orkney, have captivated onlookers for thousands of years, inspiring countless myths, legends and folk tales. They've captivated us too, and we're delighted to introduce you to our newest collection: Northern Lights

In creating the Northern Lights collection we’ve sought to convey the wonder and emotion of those special nights when the dark skies above our islands come alive with light, movement and colour.

Orkney Northern Lights | Photo By Scott Johnstone

Appropriately, you’ll find many pieces within our new collection accented by beautiful, iridescent Labradorite, a gemstone thought by Inuit to contain the Aurora Borealis and one with a special connection to our Stromness home. 

We invite you to discover the glory of this new collection which is now available to buy online and in our Stromness Shop. 

Discover our Northern Lights Collection