Delicate in design, powerful in purpose - introducing the Sea Button Collection

Alison draws limitless inspiration from the world beneath the waves, sparking her creativity and influencing her to craft pieces that are both creative and conscientiously made.

The inspiration for her new Sea Button collection stemmed from her fascination of the tiny enchanting holdfasts from which the resilient Sea Spaghetti seaweed sprouts.

Sea Buttons | Alison Moore Underwater Jewellery

First discovered during one of her underwater adventures, she was captivated by these delicate yet purposeful holdfasts. 

Enduring storms and turbulent tides, these intricate Sea Buttons are the inspiration behind her delicate new collection. 

Gold Sea Button Necklace

Delicately designed, each piece beautifully encapsulate the essence of these symbols of resilient marine life, crafted in both silver and gold. Comprising of elegant yet understated pieces, including earrings and necklaces, each piece can be further personalised with a delicate birthstone of your choosing. 

Sea Button Silver Earrings

For those who appreciate simplicity, they can also be made simply in silver or gold.

We think these will be perfect gifts for special occasions; Christmas, birthdays or special occasions. For November & December birthdays, explore the Sea Button collection featuring Citrine or Swiss Blue Topaz.

We hope you love these purposeful pieces as much as we do. 

Discover Alison's Sea Button Collection