November Birthstone Jewellery- Citrine or Topaz

November Birthstone Jewellery- Citrine or Topaz

November can be a bit chilly and grey, but the sunshine and sky-blue shades of the month’s birthstones – citrine and topaz – can brighten anyone’s day.

Citrusy citrine ranges in colour from pale yellow to a honey orange. As a variety of quartz, it’s ideal for everyday wear and makes a perfect, eye-catching centrepiece for the jewellery within our birthstone collection.

Centuries ago, people believed citrines possessed calming properties, soothing tempers and basically making you chill out. We can’t argue with that.

Topaz, meanwhile, used to get confused with citrine quite a lot though they’re entirely different minerals. The most precious topaz is the Imperial variety, which is a fabulous peachy orange, but we really love the blue examples of the mineral that we use in our jewellery as they remind us of big Orkney skies.