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  • Autumn is here and so is a new collection

    Autumn has arrived here in Orkney and we’ve just had a week of wild weather, with fierce seas crashing into the shore and gales rattling the roof tiles of the workshop. But the wet and windy conditions outside haven’t dampened our enthusiasm inside, as we’re so excited to announce the launch of our brand-new collection!

    JORUNN large silver Dala horse pendant

    Our Jorunn range is inspired by my childhood memories of playing with a beautiful and brightly coloured wooden horse ornament in my grandparents’ house. I yearned for a pony of my own and I took this horse on countless adventures to let my imagination run riot.

    Dala horse jewellery

    I’ve always wanted to recapture those happy feelings, so over the summer I created a new collection to celebrate our special relationship with horses.

    The simple lines of our Jorunn silver pendants, earrings and rings evoke the warmth, charm and beauty of Scandinavian folk art and they’re a real departure from the norm for us. I’m so happy with the completed collection though - I even wear my own Jorunn pendant every day, bringing all those wonderful memories flooding back.

    Horse ring Alison's favourite from this collection, the horse signet ring is so very comfortable to wear

    I hope you’ll fall in love with our Jorunn range too – after all, what girl doesn’t dream of owning her own pony?

    Explore our full Jorunn collection

    Scandinavian inspired sterling silver vine ring
    Large silver horse pendant
    Jorunn gold vine ring stack
  • Tourmaline - the October birthstone

    Have you spotted the obvious mistake?  It's November and I'm writing about October birthstones.  But these gorgeous little gemstones are too good to miss out on, see for yourself.


    So as they say on all the best TV shows, here's something I prepared earlier.

    As I write, the wind is howling around Orkney and people are struggling to hold onto their garden ornaments as the autumn equinox makes its arrival. Until the last couple of days though, the weather through September had been glorious and we’ve had some incredible sunsets and purple skies, rainbows and even spectacular Northern Lights. All of this is great inspiration for designs and colours, and the October birthstone, Tourmaline, is very fitting.

    Orkney sunset Orkney sunset

    In ancient days the tourmaline was believed to have travelled up from the centre of the earth and passed a rainbow assuming all the colours. When you see them collectively you can understand why that belief originated, they really do look tempting enough to eat. (picture) Jelly bean anyone?

    I know, they look good enough to eat. I know, they look good enough to eat.


    The name tourmaline is derived from Tura Mali meaning ‘stone mixed with colours’ and that’s exactly what this gemstone is as they come in a variety of colours. Mainly red, green and blue but can also be found in yellow and black.
    Often, the two or more colours can change as the light changes. Uniquely there are no two tourmaline gemstones the same and their remarkable hue when slicing it through the middle makes it look just like a slice of watermelon.

    The tourmaline is said to be the gemstone of love and friendship, rendering them long lasting, making it an ideal choice for your engagement ring or a special gift for a friend or the special someone in your life and if none of those fit the bill, it'll soon be Christmas. What’s not to love?

  • Women's rugby

    I've always admired women that strive out in a male dominated world. Many years ago, I worked in the construction sector so I know how  tough it can be to be seen as an equal.  I'm sure that some attitudes have started to shift since then, but there is a long way to go.

    Last year I came across a group of women determined to set up their own rugby union team. Their enthusiasm was intoxicating and I pledged to help them wherever I could.


    ORFC Women members sporting their new strip ORFC Women members sporting their new strip

    I am so pleased to say that they will be having their very first competitive match today against local rivals Shetland, in a newly formed women's league.  They will be sporting their beautifully designed shirts which I was lucky enough to sponsor.

    If you are in the north of Scotland or indeed anywhere, I hope that you can make it to a game of women's rugby and give them the support that they deserve.

    Come on girls!


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