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  • Boho inspired wedding

    I'm feel so privileged that many of you gladly share your beautiful wedding photos with me.  It's so nice to see them being worn and loved.  Here's some photo's from Trudy and Stuart's wedding in Altea, Spain.

    Trudy and Stuart's boho inspired wedding, Altea, Spain Trudy and Stuart's boho inspired wedding, Altea, Spain

    Stuart asked us to make his fiance a diamond Storybook ring as an engagement ring and a Fairytale ring as her wedding ring.

    Fairytale and diamond Storybook rings make up Trudy's wedding and engagement rings. Fairytale and diamond Storybook rings make up Trudy's wedding and engagement rings.

    The ring combination seems to fit beautifully  with the whole bohemian theme.  I love their style!

    Fairytale and diamond Storybook wedding and engagement rings Fairytale and diamond Storybook wedding and engagement rings

    If you would like to share your Alison Moore jewellery stories with us, please email us at

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • An Island Proposal

    Last year, Orkney was voted the most romantic destination by non-other than Mills and Boon.  As I see people in a permanent state of boiler suit and everyone hurrying around in anoraks, woolly hats and clothing zipped up to the neck, I sometimes wonder how they reached that decision. But then I look beyond that to the incredible, ever changing skies. The landscapes, history and secret places and I understand.  I hope to share with you some of the romance of Orkney through the blog and invite you to share any of your stories with me.

    Skara Brae

    Up here we’ve seen some huge storms and locals are used to finding ways to make sure they stick to the ground along with their roofs, sheds, trampolines, cars and cattle.

    In 1850 there was such a storm which combined with a very high tide.  This stripped the grass and sand away from a mound near the coast on the West Mainland to reveal the edge of several stone buildings. This was enough to arouse the curiosity of the local laird, who decided to excavate the site. What he discovered was part of a 5000 year old ‘housing estate, ‘fascinating stone houses joined together with tunnels.  After discovering four ancient houses, work was abandoned until 1925 when another storm (common theme here!) damaged some of the buildings previously excavated. It is now owned and maintained by Historic Scotland.

    Neolithic village at Skaill Bay World Heritage site, Skara Brae neolithic village, Orkney

    People come from all over the world to visit the fascinating discovery, and among them  in May 2015  was Kathie and her partner Dinkar.  Little did she know at the time, but Dinkar was going to use the trip as an opportunity to propose. It was Skaill, the bay which hosts Skara Brae, where he decided  what better place to pop than question than where men and women had lived and loved over 5000  years ago.

    Kathie and Dinu met up with a friend while celebrating their new engagement who recommended Alison Moore Designs as a possible choice for engagement ring.  After visiting our shop, they settled on a Storybook ring saying, ‘The heart was in Alison’s, and she was also just lovely, so we went back there and couldn’t be happier’.

    They both spent time looking through Alison's gemstone collection and settled on a peachy/red coloured rose cut diamond to sit within a gold Storybook ring.  Dinkar also asked Alison to engrave a special message on the inside of the ring.

    Kathie's custom made rose cut diamond gold engagement ring Kathie's custom made rose cut diamond gold engagement ring

    They will be marrying in a few weeks’ time and putting Alison Moore Designs wedding rings on their fingers to complete romantic story.  We wish them all the very best in their life together and look forward to seeing them when they visit Orkney again.

    Orkney engagement ring couple Dinkar and Kathie
  • Diamonds - April Birthstone

    We are going to be featuring a gemstone every month and as the birthstone for the month of April, what better place to start with than diamonds?

    Natural Rose Cut Diamonds

    Here are a few facts about the gorgeous little (or big) sparklers that create so much attention.

    • Diamonds have been recognised as precious gemstones for thousands of years, and were first mined in India.
    • As the Earth’s hardest naturally occurring substance, only a diamond can scratch another diamond.
    • Diamond is the April birthstone.
    • It is suitably named, as the word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adámas which would translate today as ‘unbreakable’ or ‘indestructible ’. Shirley Bassey wasn’t lying when she sang diamonds are forever!
    • Diamond engagement ring 18ct gold diamond Storybook ring
    • Diamonds are weighed in carats (not the less glamorous carrots). One metric carat is the equivalent to 0.2 grams or 0.007
    • Diamonds are formed at depths of 90-120 miles,  under immense pressure and heat.
    • 250 tons of earth will be mined to produce a one carat diamond.
    • Diamonds come in a range of colours. As well as the commonly known clear diamonds they can also be found in blue, green orange, red yellow, brown and black.
      Grey diamond 18ct gold ring Custom grey diamond 18ct gold ring by Alison Moore Designs
    • If you birthday is in April, or your name is April, or you have a diary with April in it, you have a perfect excuse to own a diamond!
    Diamond engagement rings - Alison Moore Designs Diamond engagement rings - Alison Moore Designs

    And now for the science:


    Chemical composition - C (pure carbon)
    Crystal system - Cubic
    Colour - white or colourless, sometimes yellow, red, green, grey or very rarely blue or black. Those most free from colour are the most valuable.
    Hardness - 10
    Specific gravity - 3.52

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