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  • Wear Aquamarine and boost your happiness!

    I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world.  The Orkney islands have miles of dramatic skies, rugged landscapes and is surrounded by ever-changing seas.  In fair weather the waters can be flat calm and like a mirror.  In strong winds it produces mighty waves which spray over the cliff tops and cause disruption as boats between islands and mainland Scotland are canceled. Either way, the seas surrounding Orkney are beautiful and captivating. 

    A touching and symbolic connection to this is the birthstone of March, Aquamarine, which derives its name from the Latin ‘aqua marina’ meaning sea water.

    img_5065 Aquamarine Gold Solitaire Ring With Matching Studs

    Like the changing colours of the sea, aquamarine can vary hugely in hues and tones, ranging from pale blue to rich greens and teals, although its common colour is pale blue. Aquamarine can even be heat treated to change their clarity to a light blue adding to the value of the gem through the colour improvement.

    The semi-precious Aquamarine is mined mainly in Brazil, but it can also be found in many other countries including Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Russia, Nigeria and Kenya. It is closely related to the emerald and is from the beryl family.

    For 100s of years, the Aquamarine is believed to calm and soothe the nerves, and is said to aid meditation and reduce anxiety-but that’s not all.  Wearers of aquamarine in Roman times believed it could cure a multitude of ills ranging from liver, throat and stomach problems, and to assist in problematic water retention. 

    img_5066 Matilda Green Beryl Ring

    At times it has also been believed to make the wearer more courageous, and have increased happiness, youthfulness , wisdom and intelligence; even guarding against gossip.  It is believed to be able to ward off sea sickness which could be pretty handy when on a boat in Orkney in choppy waters. That said, I’ve never seen an Orkney fisherman sporting a piece of aquamarine jewellery for such troubles……yet!

  • Ideas for ring engraving

    So the question has been popped and you know you want to have your special ring engraved but can't decide what you want. There are loads of ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here are just a few ideas to give you a helping hand.
    Ring engraving ideas
    You could choose your names, full names, initials or your nicknames. Martin & Sophie, Zippy and Bungle, Snuggles loves Boo Boo.  The choice is yours.
    Your wedding date, first kiss, they day you met or another special date from your romance diary.
    I do, Forever, Till death do us part, I'll do the dishes....
    Meaningful words or lyrics
    From a favourite poem or song or even line from a film. 
    Infinity, Hearts, Crosses, 
    1+1= forever, Truly madly deeply, Love, honour, cherish,  Always yours, Happily Ever After.
    Grid reference
    How about the grid reference of a romantic place like where you met, were proposed to or tied the knot?  
    Important dates are a popular choice for personalisation of our rings
    The possibilities are endless, have fun choosing.
  • Well I never.... fun facts about amethysts, including protection from being drunk!

    Amethyst wearers are a sober bunch. At least according to the ancient Greeks who believed they were protected from being drunk by wearing this precious stone. In fact they even drank from cups made from amethyst to prevent drunkenness. However, I don’t recommend you try it on their say so!

    There are many beliefs surrounding the amethyst including this little poem, though the author is unknown.

    “The February-born shall find
    Sincerity and peace of mind,
    Freedom from passion and from care,
    If they an amethyst will wear.”

    As the poem states, the amethyst is the birthstone of those born in February. It is a stone believed to have a calming effect, promoting a sense of balance and peace, even eliminating impatience. (Might be handy for wearing on long car journeys with bored children!)

    thumbelina Thumbelina Birthstone Ring

    It has been used to symbolise deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth. The Hebrew word for amethyst is "ahlamah” which means "dream”; the stone was supposed to cause pleasant and lucid dreams and visions… and if you dream of amethyst you will be free from harm.

    amethyst Amethyst Nebula Pendant

    The amethyst from the quartz family comes in a variety of purple shades including deep purple, lilac, lavender, mauve and sometimes almost red. The depth of colour is usually indicative of the quality of the stone with the darker colour indicating the better quality of amethyst.

    Most amethysts are mined in Brazil, Uruguay and other regions such as Russia, Mexico, USA and Canada. Over a ton of amethyst was once found in a cavern in Maine.

    What I've stated about the qualities attributed to the amethyst is just the tip of the iceberg. They certainly are believed to be highly positive to those wearing them. But you could of course just wear a piece of amethyst jewellery because it looks beautiful. Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

    velvet-stacking-rings-1100 Velvet silver stacking ring

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