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  • Diamonds - April Birthstone

    We are going to be featuring a gemstone every month and as the birthstone for the month of April, what better place to start with than diamonds?

    Natural Rose Cut Diamonds

    Here are a few facts about the gorgeous little (or big) sparklers that create so much attention.

    • Diamonds have been recognised as precious gemstones for thousands of years, and were first mined in India.
    • As the Earth’s hardest naturally occurring substance, only a diamond can scratch another diamond.
    • Diamond is the April birthstone.
    • It is suitably named, as the word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adámas which would translate today as ‘unbreakable’ or ‘indestructible ’. Shirley Bassey wasn’t lying when she sang diamonds are forever!
    • Diamond engagement ring 18ct gold diamond Storybook ring
    • Diamonds are weighed in carats (not the less glamorous carrots). One metric carat is the equivalent to 0.2 grams or 0.007
    • Diamonds are formed at depths of 90-120 miles,  under immense pressure and heat.
    • 250 tons of earth will be mined to produce a one carat diamond.
    • Diamonds come in a range of colours. As well as the commonly known clear diamonds they can also be found in blue, green orange, red yellow, brown and black.
      Grey diamond 18ct gold ring Custom grey diamond 18ct gold ring by Alison Moore Designs
    • If you birthday is in April, or your name is April, or you have a diary with April in it, you have a perfect excuse to own a diamond!
    Diamond engagement rings - Alison Moore Designs Diamond engagement rings - Alison Moore Designs

    And now for the science:


    Chemical composition - C (pure carbon)
    Crystal system - Cubic
    Colour - white or colourless, sometimes yellow, red, green, grey or very rarely blue or black. Those most free from colour are the most valuable.
    Hardness - 10
    Specific gravity - 3.52

  • Secrets at Skaill

    Last week Alannah Cooper Photography and I headed to one of the houses that was the inspiration behind my Secrets collection. Situated on an Orkney beach facing the North Atlantic Ocean, 400 year old Skaill House is steeped with history.

    Skaill House Orkney

    The house is the inspiration of one of my key designs from the Secrets collection.  It is a suitably curious place with a dark library, secret passage way and even it's own resident ghost!  It's eerie atmosphere proved an ideal place to shoot a few photos of the beautiful Frejya wearing jewellery from the collection.

    Frejya skaill Skaill silver necklace

    Happily Ever After rings with red dress
    Happily Ever After and Fairytale handmade Storybook rings

    Skaill earrings mirror
    Skaill silver drop earrings

    Woodwick, roeberry and rings


    Woodwick bangle and rings longer
    Woodwick garnet bangle and garnet Secrets stacking ring set

    skaill necklace

    Skaill in mirror


  • Can you hear those sleigh bells yet? Christmas is fast approaching.

    Merry Christmas from Alison Moore Designs!

    Last night we hosted our first ever late night shopping event in style! As part of the Dounby Christmas Bazaar!

    dounby bazaar Alison Moore Designs window display

    A huge thank you to everyone for joining us for such a fabulous event!  Dounby was filled with festive music, sparkling lights and Christmas cheer!

    IMG_20141118_184135 Twinkling Christmas lights at the studio x

    The crowds all wrapped up in their best winter wardrobes, were greeted with warm mulled wine, ginger bread and macaroons as they huddled into our beautifully decorated jewellery grotto.  The smell of Christmas was in the air (thanks to our Glade crackling cinnamon Christmas spray!).

    20141120_165352 Turquoise Macaroons to match the AMD logo

    We took the evening as the perfect opportunity to display our handmade jewellery and to have a sneak preview of some of the products in the up and coming ‘FOUND’ collection.

    IMG_20141119_204436 The first item in the 'FOUND' collection. Sterling silver key with a tiny 9ct gold heart.

    We were not the only business launching new products. The wonderful Dounby Butchers launched their tasty new antipasti range all made from local meat, perfect  for Xmas nibbles. The post office transformed its shop in to a candle and crafts party.  The village pub opened its doors for gourmet take outs and Orkney ales. The local pharmacy launched their beautiful range of body shop products and fabulous gift sets. Kringla open up its modern self catering apartments as an open house with food, rink and guided tours. Castaway crafts last but not least presented a wide array of local crafts from luxurious sheep skin rugs to handmade latte scented soaps.

    IMG_20141120_173122 (1) Cute ginger bread Xmas trees!


    Friday 5th December is tree lighting night in Douny and the jewellery grotto will be open again!  And come along on Saturday the 6th when we will be open for Small Business Saturday.  We want to inspire you to shop local and buy from small businesses!  

    Feel free to come down and see what we've been busy making for the festive season.  

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