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Ideas for ring engraving

So the question has been popped and you know you want to have your special ring engraved but can't decide what you want. There are loads of ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here are just a few ideas to give you a helping hand.
You could choose your names, full names, initials or your nicknames. Martin & Sophie, Zippy and Bungle, Snuggles loves Boo Boo.  The choice is yours.
Your wedding date, first kiss, they day you met or another special date from your romance diary.
I do, Forever, Till death do us part, I'll do the dishes....
Meaningful words or lyrics
From a favourite poem or song or even line from a film. 
Infinity, Hearts, Crosses, 
1+1= forever, Truly madly deeply, Love, honour, cherish,  Always yours, Happily Ever After.
Grid reference
How about the grid reference of a romantic place like where you met, were proposed to or tied the knot?  
The possibilities are endless, have fun choosing.